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MINUTES Board of Trustees Meeting – December 12, 2011

Mid Michigan Waste Authority
Board of Trustees – Meeting Minutes

11:00 am — December 12, 2011
Swan Valley Banquet Center – Saginaw MI

Minutes of the regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Mid Michigan Waste Authority, (“Authority”) , a Michigan Municipal Corporation, located in Saginaw County, Michigan, held December 12, 2011 at the Swan Valley Banquet Center, Thomas Township, Michigan, pursuant to written notice served on the members of the Authority and the Open Meetings Act.

I. Welcome and Public Comment – Chair Emmendorfer called the meeting to order at 11:03am.
Public comment solicited; no comments received.

II. Pledge of Allegiance Chair Emmendorfer led the attendees in the US pledge of allegiance.

III. Member Attendance Roll 24 present – quorum met.
Members Present: Bethany Twp/C. Morris, Kochville Twp/ J. Loiacano (alt)
Village of Birch Run/P. Moore, Lakefield Twp/C. Shebester Jr.
Birch Run Twp/B. Nelson, Maple Grove Twp/R. Maxa
Brant Twp/P. Cooper, Village of Merrill/N. Brown
Buena Vista Twp/B. Braddock, Richland Twp/R. Herhold
Carrollton Twp/M. Pilkington, Saginaw Twp/H. Grunwell
Chapin Twp/M. Kettler, Village of St. Charles/H. Mead
Chesaning Twp/S. Emmendorfe, Swan Creek Twp/S. Golden
Frankenmuth Twp/T. Hildner, Thomas Twp/R. Taylor
Fremont Twp/E. Zelinko, Tittabawassee Twp/T. Metiva
James Twp/L. Ballosh, Wheeler Twp/J. Rohde
Jonesfield Twp/L. Glazier, City of Zilwaukee/R. Comstock

Members Absent:
Albee Twp/G. Briggs, City of Frankenmuth/C. Graham
Blumfield Twp/E. Frahm, Marion Twp/R. Sholtz
Brady Twp/S. Peterson, City of Saginaw/P. Karwat
Village of Breckenridge/C. Seeley, St. Charles Twp/L. Mahoney
Bridgeport Twp/R. Licht, Spaulding Twp/G. Fox
Village of Chesaning/M. Cicalo

Staff: M. Duebbert/General Manager; R. Castellon/School Ed Coordinator; L. Dziuban/ Administrative Coordinator; M. Johnson/Clerical Associate; S. Archer /Iris Waste Diversion – programming contractor.

Guests/Public: Fremont Twp alt /Patricia Wesener; Maple Grove Twp alt/Dale Drexler; Wheeler Twp alt/Sharon Schall; Brenda Radabaugh; Sandra Cottle/Iris Waste Diversion; Lisa McGill/Iris Waste Diversion; Joseph Weiss/WM Saginaw; Adam Lawrence/WM Saginaw; Doug Bell/Saginaw County Planning; Fred Harmon/WM Saginaw; Steve Alworden/Saginaw County Dept of Public Health; Ann Doyle/Saginaw County Commissioner; Bob Weise/Thomas Twp alt; Ben Emmons/Habitat for Humanity; Cameron Brady/Habitat for Humanity; Joe Denczek/WM; Fred Sawyers/ WM People’s Landfill; Mitchell Nick elberry/D & M Marketing; Darrell Reed/New Dawn Services; Ken and Cathy Berthiaume/Berthiaume and Co; Amy Wrege/WM Saginaw; Joe Pichla/Chase Bank; Tina Fisher/RBF; Demetra Manley/Saginaw County Planning; Ken Trethaway/QRP Printing; Cameron Brady and Ben Emmons/Habitat for Humanity.

IV. Review Minutes and Other Information
The minutes of the October 10, 2011 MMWA Board of Trustees meeting were provided in the meeting packet for member review.

Motion by James Twp / Ballosh , seconded by Village of Birch Run/ Moore, to approve the October 10, 2011 meeting minutes as presented.
Passed unanimously.

V. Organizational/Administrative Items; Information &/or Approval – Chair Emmendorfer turned the floor over to General Manager Duebbert to handle the annual election of officers.

A. 2012 Officer, Executive Committee and Contractors Slate – Duebbert noted that officers must be elected annually. There are currently no vacant MMWA officer or Executive Committee positions, nor have any members, other than incumbents, indicated an interest in holding such positions. She directed members attention to the slate provided in the meeting packet with the Executive Committee’s recommendation for approval.

Nominations from the Floor – MMWA Officers: Duebbert called for nominations from the floor three times – no nominations were tendered and nominations at large were closed. She then inquired if a member might offer a motion for approval of the MMWA officer’s slate as presented in the packet. Motion by Tittabawassee Twp/Metiva, seconded by Kochville Twp/Loiacano, to approve the 2012 MMWA Officer’s slate as presented.
Passed unanimously.

The meeting was returned to newly re-elected Chair Emmendorfer of Chesaning Twp to handle the annual election of the Executive Committee.

Nominations from the Floor – Executive Committee: Chair Emmendorfer called for nominations from the floor three times – no nominations were tendered and nominations at large were closed. She then inquired if a member might offer a motion to approve the MMWA Executive Committee slate as presented in the packet.

Motion by Saginaw Twp/Grunwell, seconded by Maple Grove/Maxa, to approve the 2012 MMWA Executive Committee slate as presented.
Passed unanimously.

The 2012 Contractors Slate was reviewed with the Board; no questions or comments were offered.

B. 2012 Meeting Schedule – Chair Emmendorfer referenced the proposed 2012 MMWA Board of Trustees and Executive Committee meeting schedules in the meeting packet and asked for approval.

Motion by Maple Grove twp/Maxa, seconded by Fremont Twp/Zelinko, to approve the 2012 meeting schedule as presented.
Passed unanimously.

C. 2012 Collection Service Holiday Schedule – Duebbert reviewed the 2012 Holiday Schedule and noted the dates that would affect service to members. Duebbert also noted that MMWA will continue to provide the media with information about holiday impacts to collection services prior to each upcoming holiday and she asked that Trustees also share the holiday date information across the year with their residents, in any manner possible. She also noted that this information is available at the MMWA website and under each individual community section.

Motion by Saginaw Twp/Grunwell, seconde d by Maple Grove Twp/Maxa, to approve the 2012 Collection Service Holiday Schedule.
Passed unanimously.

D. PA 152 of 2011 / Public Employer Health Plan Cost Coverage: Resolution to Exempt MMWA – Duebbert reviewed new PA 152, which limits the amount of funding an employer made provide for employees health care plan premiums/costs to 0%. The law does provide for a public entity Board to exempt the organization from following such limitations on an annual basis. Duebbert’s management contract already precludes her from this cost limitation requirement, so she had asked the Executive Committee to also exclude the only other full-time employee from this provision; they concurred and send to the Board for their concurrence and a resolution to exempt the Authority from PA 152.

Motion by James Twp/Ballosh, seconded by Saginaw Twp/Grunwell, to exempt MMWA from the healthcare plan cost limits of PA 152 for 2012. A roll call vote was taken: passed unanimously. (see roll call sheet for details)

VI. Program Items: Information &/or Approval
A. 2011 Year in Review – PowerPoint presentation
1. Authority Administration – Duebbert reviewed the function of the MMWA and its staff. She also explained the work that MMWA does to address road construction impacts to collection services provision, bad weather impact issues, curbside program enforcement and the fuel supplement issues that arise during the year.

2. Technical Solid Waste Programming Highlights – Duebbert reviewed the past year’s technical programs including E-Waste, HSW, Paint ReNew, Public Area Recycling projects, BizLights Fluorescent Tube Recycling and Green Construction Project. S. Archer/Iris gave more details on the amount collected at the 2011 HSW and E -Waste events that MMWA hosted. Both spoke of and the trends and how they affect the amount collected.

3. Public Info/Ed Programming Highlight – S. Archer/Iris spoke about the existing public information/education programs that MMWA developed and used in 2011: Recycling is a 2-Step, Get into Recycle -Motion, etc. and the various tools and outlets used for reaching the public with these important messages. A review of the annual Earth Day and America Recycles Day public education campaigns were discussed. Archer noted that there are no new programs for Public Area Recycling, but she is expanding the existing programs in place.

4. School Ed Programming Updates – R. Castellon /School Education Coordinator gave an overview of the School Ed programs activities across the year. Historical statistics were given on E2P2, 4REE and 4R4Ever, as well as the number of schools and students that are involved in the current school year.

5. Solid Waste Trends and Issues – Duebbert spoke on the trends occurring in collection methodologies. There is a definite move away from manual collection toward semi-automated, which also allows for the use of a variety of different sized trash and recycling containers. Landfill capacity was discussed and it was noted that there is approximately 30 years of capacity left. Trash-to-energy technologies was discussed, as well as the pros and cons of single stream recycle processing.

B. 2012 Trends and Authority Programming Plans – Duebbert spoke about bringing together information for the next set of solid waste service contracts. She touched on the changing face of waste management and the variety of collection methodologies available that can be considered when looking at the next step for MMWA members. She has spoken with ReCommunity, the recyclables processing vendor for MMWA, about the feasibility of adding plastics #3 through #7 to the curbside recycling program, as well as researching more into the pros and cons of single stream recycling.

In technical programming, Duebbert noted plans to work with SCDPH on moving forward with determining the final feasibility of developing a permanent Community Resource Recovery Center to handle e -waste, HSW, etc. Many of the current tech programs will continue in 2012, some basically operating the same as now and others, like the E-Waste Recycling Program, possibly undergoing further changes to best serve members.

In PI/Ed programming plans for 2012, Duebbert noted staff will continue working on member REAP’s to identify what methods work best in specific circumstances to educate residents about how to recycle and share those with other members to increase resident recycling participation. MMWA is also providing the City of Saginaw significant assistance in development of their upcoming bi-weekly curbside recycling program. MMWA is working with collection vendor, WM, to determine how to implement the program, bin order and distribution details and the resident education plan and documents to inform and educate them about the return of recycling to the City.

Service provision and programming remain the goal of MMWA and 2012 looks to be another strong year for managing residential solid waste under the Authority.

VII. Closed Session – Not needed .

VIII. Other
A. Member /Staff Other – Frankenmuth Twp/Hildner asked for clarification on MMWA’s role in managing municipal solid waste programs for members. He is frustrated about collection service quality issues that seem to reoccur. GM Duebbert noted that MMWA represents 35 municipal members and is in charge of administering the programs the Authority Board chose to provide as part of MMWA’s service system. Those services are applied equally throughout membership. If a member has concerns, he/she only needs to contact MMWA for handling citizen questions or complaints. Duebbert personally manages member issues and is always ready to discuss such with any member and work on a solution. She would
be happy to meet directly with Hildner to discuss his concerns.

B . Next Executive Committee Meeting – 8:30 am Thursday, January 26, 2012 @ MMWA

C . Next Board Meeting – 9:30 am, Monday, February 13, 2012 @ Thomas Twp Public Safety Bldg

IX. Adjourn
Motion by James Twp/Ballosh, seconded by Bethany Twp/Morris, to adjourn the meeting at 12:10 pm.
Passed unanimously.

Submitted by:
Monica Duebbert/Assistant Secretary

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