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MINUTES Board of Trustees Meeting Monday, February 8, 2010

Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Mid Michigan Waste Authority

9:30 am — February 8, 2010 @ Thomas Twp Public Safety Bldg / Shields Dr.

Minutes of the regular Board of Trustees meeting of the Mid Michigan Waste Authority, a Michigan Municipal Corporation, located in Saginaw County, Michigan, (“Authority”), held on February 8, 2010 at Thomas Township Public Safety Building, Saginaw, Michigan, pursuant to written notice served on the members of the Authority and pursuant to the Open Meetings Act.

  1. Welcome and Public Comment: Chairman J. Malzahn called the meeting to order at 9:30 am. Public comment solicited; no comments received.
  2. Member Attendance Roll: 19 present – quorum met.
    • Members Present:
    • Albee Twp/G. Briggs
    • Fremont Twp/E. Zelinko
    • Bethany Twp/C. Morris
    • James Twp/L. Ballosh
    • Kochville Twp/S. Hill
    • Brant Twp/P. Cooper
    • Maple Grove Twp/D. Drexler alt
    • Bridgeport Twp/J. Malzahn
    • Village of Merrill/N. Brown
    • Buena Vista Twp/B. Braddock
    • Richland Twp/R. Herhold
    • Carrollton Twp/M. Pilkington
    • Swan Creek Twp/S. Golden
    • Village of Chesaning/M. Cicalo
    • Wheeler Twp/S. Schall alt
    • Chesaning Twp/S. Emmenmdorfer
    • City of Zilwaukee/R. Comstock
    • Frankenmuth Twp/T. Hildner
    • Members Absent:
    • Birch Run Twp/K. Kiessling
    • Marion Twp/R. Sholtz
    • Blumfield Twp/E. Frahm
    • City of Saginaw/T. Darnell
    • Brady Twp/S. Peterson
    • Saginaw Twp/H. Grunwell
    • Village of Breckenridge/C. Seeley
    • Village of St. Charles/H. Mead
    • Chapin Twp/M. Kettler
    • St. Charles Twp/L. Mahoney
    • City of Frankenmuth/C. Graham
    • Spaulding Twp/G. Fox
    • Jonesfield Twp/L. Glazier
    • Thomas Twp/R. Taylor
    • Lakefield Twp/C. Shebester Jr.
    • Tittabawassee Twp/T. Metiva
    • Staff, Guests, Public:
    • M. Duebbert/General Manager; L. Dziuban/Administrative Coordinator; S. Archer/Iris Waste Diversion Specialists, contractor for Authority Programming; no public or guests in attendance.
  3. Review Minutes and Other Information

    The minutes of the December 14, 2009 MMWA Board of Trustee meeting were presented for review and approval.

    Motion by Village of Chesaning/Cicalo, seconded by Carrollton Twp/Pilkington, to approve the December 14, 2009 meeting minutes.

    Passed unanimously.

  4. Organizational/Administrative Items; Information &/or Approval:
    Chairman John Malzahn turned over the floor to General Manager Duebbert to go over informational items on the agenda.

    1. 09 Authority Wastestream Volumes/Costs Data- Duebbert reviewed the SW Services Payments and Tonnage Summary spreadsheet that was given to the Board for review showing the tonnage and payments from 2002-2009. Noted in the spreadsheet is how the amount of tonnage has changed with the economy. Duebbert hopes to see a raise in both trash and recycling tonnage showing the economy coming back.
    2. MMWA 09 Financial Audit Underway – The audit for the 2009 year is now underway and Duebbert said she hopes to bring it to the April 2010 Board meeting. Duebbert notified the Board that some members may get calls from the auditor to verify information.
    3. Recycling Processing Fee Tonnage Data – Duebbert reviewed spreadsheets included in the meeting packet on MMWA Recycling Processing Fee Tonnage Data.
    4. 2010 Member Road Projects – Chair Malzahn reviewed the new process where members should notify MMWA of any road construction and closures. Duebbert reviewed the large amount of road closure reports for the past month for the City of Saginaw, showing how many one community can have in just one month’s time. She noted this is a significant new area for MMWA, related to the influx of federal impetus funds. Notifying MMWA about upcoming road projects allows MMWA to develop a re-route plan with WM and the member, if applicable, and to notify affected residents.
    5. January Fuel Prices – Duebbert reminded members of the fuel supplement that is in place as of January 2010. She reported the Nov 09-Jan 10 national on-highway cost for diesel fuel was around $2.84, well below the set point of $3.25 a gallon. No forecast for diesel pricing for 2010 is available: fuel markets have been so volatile, that the forecasts are almost impossible to provide.
  5. Program Items: Information &/or Approval:
    1. Paint ReNew Historical Report – Sarah Archer/Iris Waste Diversion Specialists, handed out and reviewed the Paint ReNew Program report on 2009 and historical program activities. The 2009 program gained two new Paint Partners and lost one. The report showed the breakdown of costs as well as what amounts each location received. Archer noted that she would like to see better advertisement for this program and that MMWA is not looking to add any new locations but will if approached. It was also noted that numerous staff changes at Habitat for Humanity ReStore has made working with them a challenge, but she is hoping to work with them to get a better system in place and functional despite staff changes.
    2. 4th Qtr 09 SCSWMPC Programming Reports – Chair Malzahn and Duebbert reviewed the important facts from the 4th Quarter SCSWMPC report. Saginaw County Department of Public Health has worked with Archer/Iris to establish recycling in their building. Archer reported that a few other people have also approached her about setting up recycle services at their work places.
    3. 2010 Programming Planning – Duebbert reported that a full slate of programming is again planned for the 2010 year. A fluorescent bulb recycling program is in the works. This program will start with small businesses and hopefully will include residents. James Twp/Ballosh and Chair Malzahn discussed shipping of fluorescent bulbs as a mercury danger. The Board discussed long term dangers of mercury exposure, and then Lakefield Twp/Crevia discussed the danger of chemical contamination in the water system.

      Duebbert notified the Board that there will definitely be one Household Special Waste event in 2010 but due to possible costs, she will have to assess available remaining funding before determining whether a second event can be held. The Saginaw County Health Department Clean Sweep schedule for 2010 was released this week. Staff will fax and e-mail the program flyer to members.

      On the topic of e-waste recycling, Duebbert reported that 2010 programming will once again depend on the state of the commodity markets. Hopefully, MMWA can duplicate its wildly successful 2009 e-waste recycling drop-off project with Goodwill Industries, but staff is waiting to see if they or other for-profit vendors will continue offering such programming and/or at a reasonable rate.

      Duebbert told the Board that she hopes, as the economy comes back, people will think about recycling more. She reminded trustees that MMWA would love to set up a recycling information/education booth at their community events. Archer/Iris also encouraged community leaders to let residents see them at events backing the decision to recycle. Archer reviewed the new Member Recycling Education Assistance Program (REAP )and what it entails for the participating community leaders.

      There was discussion about how recycling rules have gotten a lot easier as time goes by. Lakefield Twp/Crevia asked about display boards that could help get the word out on recycling and the benefits to the community. Duebbert noted that MMWA has boards with these messages that members can borrow for display at any time.

      Duebbert stated that the School Education Coordinator position is now open and that she is looking to expand the position tasks to include data input and management to benefit MMWA. She also noted that she and Archer/Iris will work with the schools that are already part of the 09-10 4REE program and other E2P2 requests that arise. She hopes to advertise and hire for the position this summer.

  6. Closed Session – Not needed.
  7. Other
    1. Member Other:
      1. Village of Chesaning/Cicalo asked if there was a vendor in the area for recycling Styrofoam. Duebbert said that there was no facility in the area or state. This material proved to be very cost-prohibitive to transport and recycle, so most facilities who did so discontinued a decade or so ago.
      2. Maple Grove Twp/Drexler asked for information on tire recycling. Duebbert explained that the Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement provides this service and their schedule of drives can be found at their website, Info on the 201 summer tire drives will probably not be posted for a few months.
      3. Bethany Twp/Morris asked who pays for the tire recycling service; Duebbert said funding for the SCMAC tire recycling program comes from the Saginaw County Solid Waste Fund.
    2. Next Executive Committee meeting: 11:30 am, Thursday, February 25, 2010 @ Timbers
    3. Next Board Meeting: 9:30 am, Monday, April 12, 2010 @ Thomas Twp Public Safety Bldg
  8. Adjourn
    Chair Malzahn asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:40 am
    Motion by James Twp/Ballosh, seconded by Chesaning Twp/Emmendorfer, to adjourn the meeting at 10:40 am.
    Passed unanimously.
    Submitted by: Monica Duebbert
    Monica Duebbert, Assistant Secretary

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