Times and Details

Collection Information

Trash, recyclables and yard waste are collected on the same day. All materials must be placed at the curb by 7:00 am on your designated trash day. Materials that are not at the curb when collection vehicles go by will not be picked up that week. Visit your community page to find your collection day.

Residents should leave space between trash, yard waste and recyclable containers so that the collection crews can properly identify and pick up materials easier and faster.


When a major holiday falls on a weekday, collection days will be delayed by one day. For example, if Christmas Day is on a Wednesday, collection services for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be delayed one day. Holidays that fall on a Saturday or Sunday do NOT delay collection services.

The observed holidays are:

• New Years Day

• Memorial Day

• Independence Day

• Labor Day

• Thanksgiving Day

• Christmas Day


The Loop Guide provides curbside solid waste service requirement info for residents of Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA) member communities.

These trash, recycling and yard waste guidelines are in place to provide residents an efficient, safe, cost-effective services program. By following these guidelines, you will ensure the health and safety of collection workers and experience curbside service without interruption.

Click Here to Download the Loop Guide as a .PDF file