Mid Michigan Waste Authority – Education


Why offer solid waste education? Human consumption habits have an enormous impact on the amount of waste material that is generated in our community, county, state and nation. In Michigan alone, each resident creates about 7 pounds of waste daily at home, work, school and traveling. That amounts to around 700 tons of waste in Saginaw County alone each day.

MMWA believes educating community leaders, residents and students about their environmental impact is vital. We strive to tackle the solid waste challenges in the Saginaw Valley area, across Michigan and the country.

Let MMWA assist you in modeling and teaching a variety of environmentally responsible behaviors that will have a positive impact today and in the future.

  • Public Education

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    MMWA bases their education programming on the 4 R’s; reduce “ to use less, reuse “ to use over again, recycle “ to turn into something else, and recover “ to purchase products made from recycled content (or energy from waste). Through the following informational programs, events, and brochures we hope to help both residents and businesses become experts at living the 4 R’s.

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  • School Education

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    Are you looking for some new, hands-on information and/or curricula to bring recycling and other solid waste management alternatives to life for your students? Mid Michigan Waste Authority, your government garbage gurus, may have the answer for your enviro dilemma! We have a number of school education programs and resources that just might get you and your students into RecycleMotion. Check them out!

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