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  • School Education Programs and Resources

    Kids WorkingAre you looking for some new, hands-on information and/or curricula to bring recycling and other solid waste management alternatives to life for your students? Mid Michigan Waste Authority, your government garbage gurus, may have the answer for your enviro dilemma! We have a number of school education programs and resources that just might get you and your students into Recycle-Motion. Check them out!

    Why Offer Solid Waste Education? Human consumption habits have an enormous impact on the amount of waste material that is generated in our community, county, state and nation. In Michigan alone, each resident creates about 7 pounds of waste daily at home, work, school and traveling. That amounts to around 700 tons of waste in Saginaw County alone each day.

    MMWA believes educating community leaders, residents and students about their environmental impact is vital as we strive to tackle the solid waste challenges in the Saginaw Valley area, across Michigan and the country. To support this goal, MMWA provides a variety of free solid waste education programs, resources and services to Saginaw Valley area educators.

    Let MMWA assist you in modeling and teaching a variety of environmentally responsible behaviors that will have a positive impact today and in the future.

  • Environmental Education Presentation Program

    e2p2 RobotThe E2P2 program offers schools access to a variety of individual class lessons in environmental stewardship. This free program from MMWA teaches students valuable and fun enviro lessons which meet specific Michigan Learning Standards in various disciplines. Fun and creative class activities are also available, featuring trash to treasure crafts or several book readings and lessons.

    Since the program began in 2005, E2P2 has taught lessons about comprehensive solid waste management to more than 14,000 students in over 250 locations across the county including; schools, libraries, day camps, municipal and county parks, Scouts etc.

    Available E2P2 lessons/activities
    Exploring Green Goods – Grades K-12

    What happens to the materials put into recycling bins everyday? Students learn how recyclable materials are transformed into new green products by investigating the recycling process and new product production. They also learn how to identify a recycled product in order to help complete the recycling loop by re-buying: buying items made with recycled content.

    Its a Garbage Pizza! – Grades 2-8

    Students learn how they create trash and what makes up America’s trash. This lesson teaches students how to reduce the impact on our landfills and resources by discovering smart alternatives to simply throwing unwanted items away. The centerpiece of the lesson is creating a pizza representing the 7 categories of waste.

    Incredible Edible Landfill – Grades K-6

    Students travel back in time and learn the history of garbage, landfilling and the importance of the 4R’s. This lesson culminates with students understanding the dynamics of landfill structure by building an edible landfill model.

    Recycled Paper – Grades 4-8

    Journey through the life of a piece of paper as it moves from a tree to wood pulp to the flattening and rolling during paper production. Students learn about their trash habits and experience the paper recycling process as they recycle old paper into a new piece of paper.

    Books or Crafts (5 Activities) – Grades K-4

    Students get hands-on learning as they make memory books from old cereal boxes, create ornaments from empty toilet paper rolls, or catch a school of fish they make from old CDs! Schools/educators pick from 5 fun and creative activities.

  • Green Goods Kit

    Green Goods KitCheck out the Authority’s Green Goods Kit to explore over 50 items made from recycled materials. The appealing assortment of items can be used for both a tabletop display and an interactive presentation. An index of product information is included in the kit, along with display set-up tips, signs and a presentation script.

    This interesting kit is a great way to provide a hands-on lesson on the 4th R, Re-Buy, to students and adults. Purchasing products made from curbside recycled materials is needed to complete the recycling loop and keeping curbside recycling viable. To check out the Green Goods kit please contact MMWA at 989-781-9555.

  • 4R Lending Library
    Lending Library

    LibraryMMWA has an extensive collection of solid waste and recycling education tools and resources. Educators, youth group leaders, librarians, organization leaders, businesses and community residents are welcome to check out materials from the 4R Lending Library free of charge (a refundable deposit is required).

    The 4R Lending Library has a unique collection of resources:

    • Activity and Craft Project Books
    • Curriculum Lessons (all grade levels)
    • Educational and Informational Books (Pre-school to adult)
    • Posters
    • Recycled Craft Kits
    • Recycled Item Display
    • Solid Waste and Recycling Videos and DVDs
    Click Here to download 4R Book Descriptions. Click Here to download Craft & Activity Descriptions. Click Here to download Curricula & Lesson Descriptions. Click Here to download Video & CD Descriptions.
  • Trash to Treasure Activities
    Trash To Treasure

    Trash to TreasureGet creative with these ideas for taking common materials and transforming them into Trash-to-Treasure crafts. A variety of easy instructional kits are available to supplement your 4R class curricula.

    Available Trash-to-Treasure kits include:

    Click Here to download craft infosheets.
  • 4R Art Opportunities
    4R Art Opportunities

    Art OpportunitiesMMWA sponsors a poster contest, in celebration of Earth Day, for area children ages 5-13. Individual children, classrooms, and schools can submit eligible entries. Detailed poster contest information is available in March.

    Local winners are recognized at Authority events, in local papers and on the MMWA website, as well as receiving unique, recycled-content prize items.