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Go Wild! Celebrate Earth Day with MMWA!

Go Wild for Earth Day!
April 22 is Earth Day, the culmination of hundreds of activities and events around the nation created to draw attention to the importance of protecting our earth through awareness and appreciation of the environment. Earth Day is a time to create new global policies, local efforts and personal pledges to accelerate environmental progress. It is also a time to celebrate improvements we’ve already made. Not only Earth Day BUT Every Day is a time to act to protect our planet. Celebrating Earth Day Every Day means doing things that save energy, conserve water, reducing, reusing and recycling what we can and making choices that protect our environment. This year marks the 42nd Anniversary of Earth Day, which is sure to create great excitement around our communities.

  • Go Wild! Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run your television for 2½ hours.
  • Conserve water by turning faucets off completely. A dripping faucet can waste gallons of water if left to drip constantly.
  • Practice the 4 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-buy – Reduce what you buy, Reuse what you already have and Recycle what you no longer use by donating the items and remember to Recycle household items such as empty cans, bottles, newspaper, cardboard etc. When you must buy, purchase products that contain post-consumer recycled materials. These products are made with the materials we recycle every day.

Celebrate Earth Day with MMWA

Go Wild Celebrate Earth Day! At the Saginaw Children’s Zoo

Saturday, April 28 2012 10 am – 2 pm
Join us at the Children’s Zoo and learn from exhibits and activities, explore the zoo and have a blast!
Free admission for the first 500 people who bring a recyclable drink container
Free kids t-shirt made from recycled bottles (while supplies last) thanks to these sponsors:

  • Mid Michigan Waste Authority
  • Waste Management
  • ReCommunity Saginaw
  • QRP Printing
  • Chase Bank
  • RBF CPA’s
  • Iris Waste Diversion Specialists, Inc.
  • Rifkin Scrap Iron & Metal Co.
  • Word Up Magazine

Attractions include:

  • Recycling Truck 10 am – 12 pm
  • Trash-to-Treasure crafts
  • Recycle-Motion Sing & Dance along
  • Face Painting & Temp Tattoos
  • Enviro Games & Activities
  • Educational Displays
  • Backyard & Worm Composting Info
  • Recycle your old paint with Habitat For Humanity ReStore
  • Much More!

Earth Day Partners

  • Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square
  • Chippewa Nature Center
  • Goodwill Industries of Mid Michigan
  • Grow Saginaw
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore Saginaw
  • Joe FM
  • Michigan Department of Environmental Quality – Bay Region
  • Saginaw County Public Health
  • Saginaw County Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Saginaw Valley Master Gardener Association
  • Township Times
  • Trees for Tri-Cities
  • US Environmental Protection Agency
  • Waste Management
  • YMCA Saginaw

Click Here For The Go Wild! Earth Day Flyer as a .pdf!

Get Creative!

Celebrate Earth Day by participating in MMWA’s Poster Contest for student ages 5-13 who reside in Saginaw County, Village of Breckenridge, Bethany or Wheeler Townships in Gratiot County.

Classroom, school, or individual entries are welcome.

  • Winning students receive their poster design printed on a t-shirt made from recycled bottles, a certificate, and announcement in local newspapers.
  • Winning poster designs will be displayed on the MMWA website.
  • All students who submit an entry will receive a certificate of participation.

Click Here For More Info on the 2012 Poster Contest

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