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Kids Deliver the Recycle, For Earth’s Sake Message

Saginaw, MI —– Recycling helps preserve the earth was the main message over 275 Saginaw County students artistically expressed in colorful posters submitted in response to Mid Michigan Waste Authority’s (MMWA) annual Recycle, For Earth’s Sake poster contest.

The Authority offers this yearly poster contest as part of its efforts to promote awareness of Earth Day (April 22) and the benefits of recycling.  Fourteen winners were selected from the many posters received, and as their prize, will receive their winning design printed on a t-shirt made, in part, from recycled beverage bottles.  The winning designs will be on display at MMWA’s Go Wild! Celebrate Earth Day event on Saturday, April 28 from 10 am to 2 pm at the Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square in Saginaw.

The poster contest was open to any child from age 5 to 13.  Many teachers include the poster contest as part of their environmental science curriculum focused on recycling.  Entries were received from a number of schools across the 35 municipalities who are members of MMWA.  “It is gratifying to see the interest area youth have in protecting the environment through smart trash handling,” said Monica Duebbert, MMWA General Manager.  “It is exciting to see how many students really get the recycling message.  You know this is a lesson they relate to, and our hope is that they will go home and teach their family to recycle.”

The 2012 Recycle, For Earth’s Sake MMWA poster contest winners are:

Age Category 5-7 Years Old

  • First Place – Myah Shelton – Age 6/Grade 1 - Mrs. Morford/Hemmeter Elementary, Saginaw
  • Second Place – Anna Kate Day – Age 7/Grade 1 – Mrs. Morford/Hemmeter Elementary, Saginaw
  • Third Place – Brooke Kroulik – Age 7/Grade 1 – Mrs. Morford/Hemmeter Elementary, Saginaw

Age Category 8-10 Years Old

  • First Place – Abigail Hansen – Age 10/Grade 5 – Mrs. Swope/Weiss Elementary, Saginaw
  • Second Place – Mikya Nelums – Age 8/Grade 2 – Mrs. Brownlie/Martin G. Atkins, Bridgeport
  • Third Place – Nathaniel Wakefield-Levy – Age 8/Grade 2 - Mrs. Brownlie/Martin G. Atkins,  Bridgeport
  • Honorable Mention – Morgan Smith – Age 10/Grade 5 - Mrs. Swope/Weiss Elementary, Saginaw
  • Honorable Mention – Vincent Gilliam – Age 10/Grade 5 - Mrs. Swope/Weiss Elementary, Saginaw
  • Honorable Mention – Ashton Gillis – Age 10/Grade 4 – Ms. Sowle/Breckenridge Elementary, Breckenridge


Age Category 11-13 Years Old

  • First Place – Kayla Kueffner – Age 12/Grade 7 – Mr. Smith/Immanuel Frankentrost, Saginaw
  • Second Place – Kaitlin Sanger – Age 11/Grade 6 – Mrs. Giles/Breckenridge Middle School, Breckenridge
  • Third Place – Brielle Sanger – Age 12/Grade 7 - Mr. Smith/Immanuel Frankentrost, Saginaw
  • Honorable Mention – Kayla Belles – Age 12/Grade 6 – Mrs. Wolfgang/Breckenridge Middle School, Breckenridge
  • Honorable Mention – Calib Scott – Age 11/Grade 5 – Miss Horn/Martin G. Atkins, Bridgeport

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