Trash Details

Residents may set out an unlimited* number of bags** or cans of household generated trash each week.

Trash must be in cans no larger than 35 gallons or bags no larger than 55 gallons. Each container cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. All trash must be securely contained in bags or trash cans to reduce litter and discourage pests.

* City of Saginaw residents have a 20-bag limit.

** City of Frankenmuth residents must use trash bags only.


Bulky Items

Any item that exceeds 50 pounds or does not fit into a standard 35 gallon trash can or 55 gallon trash bag is considered a bulky item. Furniture, mattresses and appliances are examples of bulky items.

Items such as auto parts, intact garage doors, landscape timbers, building materials, assembled swing sets and picnic tables are NOT included in the regular MMWA curbside collection program. Contact a commercial garbage hauler for removal, listed under “Rubbish” in the yellow pages of your phone directory.

You are allowed to set out two bulky items per week on your regular collection day.

Carpet must be cut into 4-foot wide rolls, tied up or duct taped and weigh no more than 50 pounds per roll. Note: Residents may put out carpet rolls equal to the size of a typical household room. One room’s worth of carpet rolls will be considered one bulky item.

Bulky items too big for trash truck will be tagged for collection by a separate bulky truck on a later day. DO NOT remove tagged bulky items from curb unless they have been tagged for being over the 2 qty limit.



One bundle of brush (cut or broken branches) is allowed each week. Individual brush must be more than 2″ diameter. The bundle must be no more than 3 foot x 4 foot in size. Bundle brush with twine and place at curb next to trash for collection.

Contact a tree removal or landscape service to pick up larger amounts of brush and trees/limbs.

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Other Waste Disposal Options

People’s Landfill
4143 E. Rathbun Rd.
Birch Run

Waste Management – Saginaw
1311 N. Niagara

Dumpster Vendors

For large home repair or remodeling projects and clean-outs.

Billy’s Contracting
3161 Carrollton Rd
989-753-7719 or 888-9-BILLYS (888-924-5597)

Waste Management – Saginaw

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The Loop Guide provides curbside solid waste service requirement info for residents of Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA) member communities.

These trash, recycling and yard waste guidelines are in place to provide residents an efficient, safe, cost-effective services program. By following these guidelines, you will ensure the health and safety of collection workers and experience curbside service without interruption.

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