You can recycle aerosol cans, as long as they do not contain hazardous materials. Whipped cream, shaving cream, hair spray, and sunscreen containers are among the items that are recyclable, but make sure the canisters are completely empty before placing them in your recycling container.

Hazardous aerosols, like WD40, for example, should not be placed in your recycling container even if you think the canister is empty. Those items should be taken to a MMWA Household Hazardous Waste collection event. Each year, Mid Michigan Waste Authority coordinates special drop-off days for household problem wastes, including paint, electronics, hazardous waste. The program runs from May through September and is free to residents of Saginaw County, Bethany Township, Village of Breckenridge, and Wheeler Township. The events cannot accept waste from businesses, farms, schools, or non-profit organizations. Please call the MMWA office at (989) 781-9555 for dates and details or check under events for the latest information.