household items

Many residents contact us about recycling items like clock radios, lamps, vacuum cleaners, and microwaves. Household items with a cord should never be put in your recycling container, as they are not an accepted item in our curbside program. And please note that our electronics recycling program is intended only for computer-related items like monitors, printers and hard drives, plus televisions, DVD players, and VCRs.

So, what should you do with a broken toaster? You have two options. Place the item in a trash can or bag and place it to the curb on your regular trash day. Make sure the bag or can does not weigh more than 50 pounds. You may also set the item next to your trash cans/bags as one of the two bulky items each household is allowed per week. We highly recommend that you bag smaller items so you can save the bulky service for your larger items, like furniture or refrigerators. The same process applies to things like mops, luggage, kids’ toys, clothing hampers, etc.