Mid Michigan Waste Authority is pleased to announce the addition of two document shredding events to its 2017 household special waste programming season. The shredding days will be held at MMWA’s Community Resource Recovery Center, 2063 S Miller Rd, Saginaw, on Friday, July 28 from 9 am to noon and Thursday, Sept 14 from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Documents will be shredded safely, privately, and properly on site by a trained, licensed, and bonded document destruction specialist.

The free service is open to residents of Saginaw County, Bethany Twp, Village of Breckenridge, and Wheeler Twp who have sensitive documents to destroy, such as medical records, tax forms, bank statements, and other paperwork that contains private information. The event is open to residents only; materials from businesses will not be accepted.

“We are very excited about being able to offer this valuable service to our member communities because we know it can be a challenge to safely dispose of private documents,” said Katharine Tessin, MMWA Administrative Director. “The event also has a positive environmental impact because once shredded, all paper will be safely and securely recycled.”

The equivalent of one standard banker’s box of documents is allowed per household, and the limit will be strictly enforced so the event can serve as many residents as possible. There is no on-site disposal option for boxes or bags, so residents must take their containers home with them. Residents may choose to watch as their documents are shredded by the mobile truck.

All types and colors of paper, file folders, and envelopes will be accepted. Staples and paper clips do not need to be removed. Only paper items may be shredded; no plastic or metal materials, credit cards, floppy discs, CDs, binder clips, or photographs.

Residents should refrain from bringing materials that are not confidential in nature, such as newspapers and junk mail, as they will cause the truck to fill up more quickly. The event may need to close early if the shred truck reaches capacity.

For more information about the document shredding events, contact MMWA at (989) 781-9555 or visit www.recyclemotion.org.