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Severe Weather May Impact Collection Services 

The areas severe winter weather and drifted and icy road conditions impact collection services, making it slow going and impacted by differing conditions from road to road and area to area. Roads/areas found to be impassable when the waste or recycling trucks go by will not have collection service reattempts until the regular assigned collection day next week. The longer timespan needed for trucks to complete their routes makes it impossible to go back and re-check roads that were not passable when the trucks went by the initial time. Further information on impacts to collection service will be passed along if and when applicable and available.     Happy Kids Recycling - Recycle Motion Billboard

Mid Michigan Waste Authority was formed in 1991 by a group of 12 communities, and began offering residential waste services in 1995. Since formed, 35 municipalities in the greater Saginaw area have joined to participate in creating and maintaining the regional solid waste management system.

MMWA staff provides member communities with residential solid waste collection, disposal and processing services, along with contract negotiation, affiliated fiscal activity administration, technical support, collection services customer service to residents, public education assistance and expert advice on solid waste management issues.

Each member community designates a representative and alternate(s) to serve on the MMWA Board of Trustees.

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