Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about MMWA curbside solid waste collection services. More details can be found on the main Trash, Recycling, Yard Waste, Hazardous Waste, Electronics, and Other pages.
It’s noon and my trash is usually collected by 8 am. Should I call to report a missed pickup?
Waste Management trucks start collecting at 7 am and continue until their routes are complete. Even if your driver typically comes at a certain time of day, routes can change for many reasons, so your collection time may vary. Please call MMWA at (989) 781-9555 to report a possible missed pickup if your neighbors on the same side of the street have already been serviced. However, if the neighbors on the same side of the street still have their materials out, please wait until 1 pm to report a possible missed pick-up. It may just mean that the truck is not there yet. Residents must call within one business day of their regular collection day to report a potential missed pick-up. For example, if your collection day is on Friday, you have until 5 pm on Monday to call.
I see Waste Management trucks collecting my trash, recycling, and yard waste. Shouldn’t I call Waste Management if I have a collection question or concern?
You should always call MMWA with your curbside collection questions. Waste Management is the company hired to provide collection services to residents in Mid Michigan Waste Authority’s 34 member communities, and the City of Saginaw provides yard waste and recycling services to its residents, but MMWA handles all resident questions. Waste Management services vary among the communities they serve, and MMWA has specific program rules and guidelines unique to our program. To receive accurate information about your curbside collection services as a resident in an MMWA member community, please call MMWA at (989) 781-9555.
I am new to the area. Does MMWA provide cans or carts for trash, recycling and yard waste?
Residents in MMWA member communities provide their own trash, recycling, and yard waste containers. Trash and yard waste containers must be rigid plastic cans with handles no larger than 35 gallons in size and no smaller than 20 gallons. Recycling cans can be up to 45 gallons. When shopping for a new can, please confirm that it meets these size requirements. Residents may also put their trash out in bags, no larger than 55 gallons in size. Cans and bags can weigh no more than 50 pounds each.
If the weather is bad, should I still put my materials to the curb?
There are a number of public services that can be impacted by inclement weather, and refuse collection is no exception. We encourage residents to consider holding their materials for another week if it is very windy. If you must put trash out on a windy or stormy day, make sure it is bagged. When the ground is covered in snow, do not use white trash bags, as they will not be visible to the driver. In frigid weather, yard waste and rubbish can freeze in the can; drivers do not bang cans to dislodge materials because that can cause damage to the container.
Collection services in my area were canceled due to inclement weather. When will my materials be picked up?
Roads that are found to be impassable when a truck goes by will not have collection service reattempts until the community’s regular collection day the following week. Please pull your materials back in and set them out next week. In the event that collection is canceled in an entire community, MMWA will alert residents via its website and Facebook page. Three area television stations – NBC25, WEYI25, and FOX66 – will also include refuse collection cancellations in their weather delay/school closing lists. If you are unsure about whether your collection services are canceled for the day, please call us at (989) 781-9555 or visit or our Facebook page.
What can I do with paint and other household chemicals that are not allowed in my curbside trash?
Latex paint is not hazardous and can be dried out by taking off the cover and letting it dry out, or by adding cat litter or shredded paper to absorb the paint; once the paint is dry, you can put the empty can in your trash.  Oil-based paint and hazardous materials like gasoline, oil, acids, mercury, paint thinner and fluorescent bulbs should be disposed of at one of MMWA’s Household Special Waste events, which are typically held in the spring and summer. Call the MMWA office at (989) 781-9555 for more information.
Why is there an orange sticker on my curbside materials?
Drivers will leave an orange sticker to explain why materials were not collected, or to inform the resident that their bulky item has been scheduled for pick up. Please read the sticker for more details before calling MMWA.
Where do I get more “Yard Waste” or “Recyclables Only” stickers?
Contact your municipal office or MMWA. Click here for your community contact information.
I need to rent a dumpster for my home or business. Can you help?
MMWA provides residential curbside collection services for its member communities. We do not handle dumpster rental. Please contact a local waste hauler for this information.