recycling and trash carts

MMWA Recycling and Trash Carts

Your community is a member of the Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA). The Authority was formed in 1991 to secure better prices and a wider array of services for approximately 69,000 households across its 34 member communities. The Authority currently manages the trash collection and disposal, recycling collection and processing, and yard waste collection and composting contracts for these 34 member communities. Through MMWA, your community has chosen to continue with Waste Management (WM) for the next ten years as its service provider for trash and recycling.


New in 2023 will be the implementation of “carts” (rolling recycling and trash containers). We anticipate cart delivery in Spring of 2023. Until then, you should continue placing your trash, bulk, recycling and yard waste at the curb just as you do right now. 

Carts will be rolled out by community. Once your carts arrive you should begin using them on your next service day. Trash collection will remain weekly however some MMWA member communities recycling collection will switch to every other week. To find out if your community is switching to bi-weekly recycling visit your community’s page.

All residents will be receiving one 96-gallon cart for recyclables and one 96-gallon cart for trash. One 96-gallon recycling cart can hold up to five times as much recycling as your current 18-gallon recycling bin and one 96-gallon trash cart can hold up to three 20-35 gallon cans of trash.

Advantages of Carts

There are significant advantages to an automated collection program for our residents and our environment.

  • Better separation of trash and recycling will reduce the impact of MMWA member communities waste on the environment.
  • Automated collection is faster, more efficient, and more effective.
  • Automated collection also is safer for collection workers who will now be able to stay in their vehicles while their trucks collect materials.
  • MMWA’s new carts have attached lids that will help prevent animals from getting into residents trash.
  • The new carts also have greater capacity (96-gallons) than typical bags, cans, and bins. As a result, residents and visitors will see two carts in front of each residence on collection day, instead of piles of trash bags.
  • The new carts are taller and on wheels, making them easier for residents to work with.

Cart Distribution

When Recycling and Trash cart distribution begins, the cart manufacturer, Cascade Engineering Company, will deliver carts to each residents home. Carts will be delivered by community.

The table below outlines when cart delivery should take place for each MMWA member community.

Once your carts arrive, please begin using them on your next service day. 

A Recycling and Trash packet should be attached to one of your carts when they arrive with important information about MMWA services. 


If you encounter problems concerning your carts, please complete the form below.

What problem are you experiencing with the delivery of the new carts?