For 2017, Saginaw Township, the City of Saginaw, and Thomas Township have opted to extend their yard waste seasons. In Thomas Township, December 8 will be the last day for yard waste service. In Saginaw Township, the last day of yard waste service for residents with a Monday collection day is December 4. Saginaw Township residents who are serviced on Tuesdays will have a final collection date of December 5. In the City of Saginaw, yard waste collection will run through the week of Dec 4 – Dec 8. The last day of yard waste service will be on the city residents’ regular trash day that week. For more information, please contact MMWA at (989) 781-9555.


Please note that extending yard waste season is an individual municipality decision. At this point, only these communities have opted to extend their yard waste seasons, so yard waste collection for all other communities ends on their last service day in November.