Human Waste

If collection workers observe uncontained human or animal waste in any curbside trash or recycling container, the can/bag/bin will not be emptied. Any bags that rip or tear will also be left at the curb. This is both unsanitary and unsafe, violates state law, and creates hazardous conditions for the collection service workers.

Battery (lithium)

Lithium Batteries (AA, C, 9 volt, and button; mainly used in computers and cameras). Lithium is reactive with water, and has caused serious fire. Do NOT dispose of in the trash.

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Household Hazardous Waste

Items with corrosive, explosive, flammable, or poisonous symbol must be dropped off for safe handling. Learn more about MMWA’s household hazardous waste program. 

Instructions: Lithium Batteries: Hold for the next household hazardous waste collection day.

To learn more about safe battery handling and collection locations, visit Download this battery identification guide for more details.


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Vehicle Parts:
The MMWA curbside solid waste collection program is intended for the disposal of residential household trash. Car parts are not included in the program, and should not be placed at the curb for collection. The program will also not accept any recreational vehicles, including motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles, and boats, or any parts from these vehicles. Many of the items not allowed in the curbside program can be brought to the landfill and disposed of for a fee. There is one operating landfill in Saginaw County. Please call ahead for verification of material acceptance, disposal charges and hours of operation.
People’s Landfill
4143 E Rathburn Rd
Birch Run (Taymouth Twp)
(989) 341-7251

Each summer, Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement hosts tire collections for Saginaw County residents. For more information on dates and locations, call the Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission, 989-755-5751 or visit,

Used motor oil:
If motor oil bottles are completely empty, they may be disposed of in the trash. Do not place them in your recycling container. Leftover motor oil is considered a hazardous waste and cannot be placed at the curb as trash. Motor oil can be dropped off at one of MMWA’s Household Hazardous Waste events. There are no other hazardous waste disposal programs offered in Saginaw County. Call our office at (989) 781-9555 or check here for the latest drop off dates.

Gas can

Do not place gas cans out with curbside trash unless they are completely empty and have been crushed. Once the can is crushed, it is safe for the collection worker to place it in the trash truck. Crushing the can eliminates the risk of explosion when the materials in the truck are compacted. Do not place the cans in your recycling container.

Gas cans containing even a trace of gasoline should be taken to an MMWA Household Hazardous Waste event. Please hold onto all hazardous waste materials until the MMWA household special waste drop-off season, as there are no other paint and hazardous waste disposal programs offered in Saginaw County. Call our office at (989) 781-9555 or check under events for the latest drop off dates.


Medical waste

Medical waste (example: any material that poses a biological, chemical, radioactive or physical hazard, such as chemotherapy treatments or radiotherapeutic materials) cannot be disposed of in the MMWA curbside trash collection program. Please contact your healthcare provider or hospital for information on disposal options.

However, needles/sharps can be disposed of curbside as long as they are properly prepared. Place needles/sharps in an empty rigid plastic receptacle, like a laundry detergent container. Once the container is 2/3 full, it should be tightly closed and sealed with masking or duct tape. Clearly write “SHARPS” on the container in large letters, and discard along with trash, not recycling. Residents with questions about disposing of sharps in their household trash should contact MMWA at (989) 781-9555 for more information.

Household Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste Household Hazardous Waste or HHW, refers to a wide variety of commonly generated household chemicals that when combined with others can cause dangerous reactions and can…


Check with your local auto shop or household hazardous waste collection day to see if they can accept small amounts of antifreeze. Do not place antifreeze in your household trash or recycling containers.

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Items with corrosive, explosive, flammable, or poisonous symbol must be dropped off for safe handling. Learn more about MMWA’s household hazardous waste program. 





Small branches (less than two inches around) may be placed to the curb as yard waste in paper lawn and leaf bags or in 35 gallon or smaller cans labeled with a YARD WASTE sticker. The following MMWA member communities offer yard waste services to their residents: Residents in the Village of Birch Run, Bridgeport Twp, Buena Vista Twp, Carrollton Twp, City of Frankenmuth, James Twp, Kochville Twp, City of Saginaw, Saginaw Twp, Spaulding Twp, Village of St Charles, Thomas Twp, Tittabawassee Twp and the City of Zilwaukee. If your community does not offer yard waste services, you may not put out yard waste bags or cans.

Brush and larger branches are not considered yard waste. These items can be set out with your trash, following these guidelines:

  • Larger branches (two to six inches around) can be bundled and placed to the curb as trash.
  • One bundle of brush is allowed per week.
  • Branches should be cut to three by four feet in length and secured by twine or duct tape.
  • Place your one bundle of brush near your trash, not with your yard waste.