MMWA Reminds Residents of Proper U.S. Flag Disposal

SAGINAW, MI —– As Americans prepare to observe the Flag Day holiday on June 14, Mid Michigan Waste Authority is reminding area residents to properly dispose of their old, unserviceable United States flags.

MMWA, which provides residential curbside waste collection services to 34 communities in the Saginaw Valley, encourages flag owners to follow the United States Flag Code, which outlines how to respectfully retire an unserviceable American flag.

When an American flag becomes soiled, faded and tattered, it should be destroyed, preferably by burning, according to the code. Flags should not be disposed of in curbside trash or recycling containers.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) directions for proper flag disposal include folding the flag in its customary manner, then placing it in a fire large enough to ensure complete burning of the flag. Individuals should come to attention, salute the flag, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and have a brief period of silent reflection. After the fire is completely consumed, the fire should be safely extinguished and the ashes buried.

Nylon flags should not be burned, as they will produce toxic gases, and people should be sure to follow local fire codes and ordinances.

Most veterans’ organizations will accept old flags for retirement, and some have public drop-off boxes to make proper disposal even easier. Contact a local chapter for more information.

For additional flag disposal instructions and options, visit

Mid Michigan Waste Authority is a government entity providing comprehensive residential solid waste services to approximately 69,000 households in 34 communities across the Saginaw Valley area. For more information about residential curbside collection services and other MMWA programming, visit



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Reminders for MMWA All-in-One drop-off days

We always get a great turnout for our All-in-One drop-off days for hazardous waste, paint, and electronics, so if you are attending one of these events, please keep these tips in mind so we can keep the experience as safe and efficient as possible. For the 2018 schedule and more program details visit our Events page.

Memorial Day Holiday – Trash Service Delayed One Day

The upcoming Memorial Day holiday does impact solid waste collection services provided to the 34 Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA) member communities. There will be no trash, recycling, or yard waste collection provided on Monday, May 28.

With the holiday falling on a Monday, collection services will be delayed one day for every community the week of Memorial Day. Residents should prepare and set out materials one day later than they normally do during the holiday week. For example, if your normal collection day is Monday, you should put your materials to the curb on Tuesday.

MMWA communities should set their materials out on the following days during the Memorial Day holiday week:

Tues, May 29 Wed, May 30 Thurs, May 31 Fri, June 1 Sat, June 2
Saginaw – City Saginaw – City Saginaw – City Saginaw – City Saginaw – City
Brant Twp Fremont Twp Bridgeport Twp Birch Run Twp Albee Twp
Jonesfield Twp Saginaw Twp  N of Weiss Chapin Twp Birch Run – Village Bethany Twp
Kochville Twp Zilwaukee – City Frankenmuth – City Buena Vista Twp Blumfield Twp
Lakefield Twp   Frankenmuth Twp Carrollton Twp Brady Twp
Marion Twp   Spaulding Twp Richland Twp Breckenridge – Village
Merrill – Village   Tittabawassee Twp Chesaning Twp James Twp
Saginaw Twp  S of Weiss St Charles Twp Maple Grove Twp
Swan Creek Twp   St Charles – Village
      Thomas Twp
      Wheeler Twp


Inclement weather update for Monday, April 16

Waste Management trucks will attempt collection in all communities today, but due to icy roads, some areas may not be safe for trash, recycling, and yard waste drivers to access.

Roads/areas found to be impassable when the truck goes by will not have collection service reattempts until the regular collection day next week. Residents who set out materials that are not picked up are asked to remove materials from the curb until their service day next week.

For more information, call the MMWA office at (989) 781-9555

MMWA launches curbside recycling education pilot in eight communities

Mid Michigan Waste Authority is launching a new curbside education pilot in eight of its member communities that aims to improve recycling habits while recognizing residents who are already demonstrating good recycling behavior.

The 15-week pilot runs from April 16 to July 27, and will cover parts of Bridgeport Township, Carrollton Township, James Township, Saginaw Township, Spaulding Township, Village of St. Charles, Thomas Township, and Tittabawassee Township.

The project is funded in part by a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Recycling Education Grant. Last May, MMWA was one of 13 entities statewide to receive an education grant, which supports Governor Snyder’s 2014 Residential Recycling Plan of Action by increasing access to recycling, improving recycling processing capacity, and promoting recycling education in Michigan.

Through the pilot, MMWA is changing the tone of its curbside education efforts by using two new stickers to help educate residents and promote the MMWA recycling program.

The “Gold Medal” sticker will provide positive reinforcement to those residents who “get caught being good recyclers.” Recycling collection workers will leave the sticker on bins and cans that are prepared properly and contain only accepted recyclables.

The “Oops!” sticker will be left on recycling bins or cans that contain the three most common recycling container contaminants: plastic bags, foam products, or greasy pizza boxes. Because these items are not recyclable in the MMWA curbside program, the sticker will remind residents that they should be placed in the trash.

“These stickers provide a rare and valuable opportunity to provide direct feedback to our residents,” said MMWA Administrative Director Katharine Tessin. “We want to educate residents who are mistakenly putting the wrong items in their recycling containers, but we also want to let good recyclers know that we recognize and appreciate their efforts.”

Each sticker will also feature information encouraging residents to use a recycling can instead of a bin. Residents may use any 45-gallon or smaller can with handles, as long as they are labeled with “Recyclables Only” stickers available through MMWA or local municipal offices.

Larger cans help keep recyclables contained and dry and reduce blowing litter. Because a 45-gallon can is more than twice the size of the currently used 18-gallon, the greater capacity also allows residents to recycle more items, without the space constraints of the smaller bins.

Residents who receive the stickers are asked to participate in a brief online survey to help measure the success of the pilot project. Each sticker will feature a link to the survey. Respondents may remain anonymous or they can provide their contact information to be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card to a locally-owned business.

The initiative also includes billboards in participating communities promoting the, “Have you outgrown your recycling bin?” message.

Increasing curbside recycling participation is a key objective for MMWA, but it is also critical that residents are recycling the correct items, explained Tessin.

“We know our recyclers have the best of the intentions when they place materials to the curb, but sometimes ‘wishful recycling’ means the wrong things end up in recycling containers,” she said. “Recycling is good for the environment, but it is also a business, and we need to make sure we are providing our end-use manufacturers with clean, quality materials.”

Residents in areas that are not part of the pilot project will see no change to their curbside recycling program. Drivers will continue to use the orange stickers that inform residents of improperly prepared trash, recycling, or yard waste, or note that a bulk item has been scheduled for collection.

For more information about the curbside education pilot, contact MMWA at (989) 781-9555 or



Celebrate Earth Day with MMWA at the Saginaw Zoo Saturday, April 21

Mid Michigan Waste Authority will host its annual Earth Day celebration on Sat., April 21, 2018, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Saginaw Children’s Zoo. This annual environmentally-themed event promises a fun-filled day for children of all ages and their families. MMWA is once again offering free admission to the first 400 people who bring a recyclable beverage container, thanks in part to ticket sponsor Waste Management.

The eco-experience starts at the entrance gate with a visit to the Waste Management recycling truck, as zoo visitors turn in their recyclable containers. Inside the zoo, MMWA and more than a dozen community partners will offer free resources, games, activities, face painting, scavenger hunt, educational exhibits, and trash-to-treasure crafts in the event area near the horse barn.

All children’s activities are free, thanks to sponsorships from Republic Services, ERG Environmental, 1st State Bank, Roberts, Boehler, and Fisher, PC, and Masud Labor Law Group.

Participating organizations include the SVSU Greenhouse, Saginaw Conservation District, Saginaw Valley Sustainability Society, Downtown Saginaw Farmers Market, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Consumers Energy, Midland Recyclers, Chippewa Nature Center and more.

This year the event will focus on ways to reduce plastic waste and pollution. At the waste-free lunch station, children will receive a free reusable sandwich bag made from recycled plastic bottles, while supplies last. Zoo visitors will also learn about how they can go “Strawless in Saginaw,” by avoiding disposable plastic drinking straws.

At 11 am, Lisa Gruenberg, Kayli Miller, and Kenadi Canole of Cheap to Chic by Lisa will share repurposing tips and tricks you can try at home to give old, unwanted household items new life. Stop by their table to see examples of the trio’s handiwork and get ideas from these expert upcyclers.

April 21 is the first day the zoo is open to the general public this year, so the Earth Day event is a great opportunity to be among the first visitors of the season to enjoy more than 10 acres of beautiful tree-filled parkland, animal exhibits, colorful gardens, the beloved miniature train, the region’s only hand-carved carousel, and so much more.

For visitors who do not arrive in time for the free admission, entrance to the zoo is just $5 per person, and free for infants 11 months of age and under. The zoo is located at 1730 S Washington Avenue in Saginaw.


Good Friday/Easter Holidays will not delay trash service

The upcoming Good Friday and Easter holidays do not impact solid waste collection services provided to the 34 communities serviced by the Mid Michigan Waste Authority.  Residents should prepare and set out materials on their regularly scheduled collection day.

The list of holidays that do impact solid waste pickup are: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Any communities with service that falls on the holiday and those that are serviced on the weekdays after the holiday will have collection delayed by one day. Service is not impacted when the holiday falls on a weekend.




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Yard waste season starts first week in April

The first week of April marks the start of Mid Michigan Waste Authority’s seasonal curbside yard waste collection for 2018. Fourteen of MMWA’s 34 municipal members offer residential yard waste services.

Residents in the Village of Birch Run, Bridgeport Twp, Buena Vista Twp, Carrollton Twp, City of Frankenmuth, James Twp, Kochville Twp, City of Saginaw, Saginaw Twp, Spaulding Twp, Village of St Charles, Thomas Twp, Tittabawassee Twp and the City of Zilwaukee receive weekly yard waste service and may begin setting out yard waste cans and bags on their first regular collection day in April.

Municipality Yard Waste Start Date
Birch Run – Village Thurs, April 5
Bridgeport Twp Wed, April 4
Buena Vista Twp Thurs, April 5
Carrollton Twp Thurs, April 5
City of Frankenmuth* Wed, April 4
James Twp Fri, April 6
Kochville Twp Mon, April 2
Saginaw – City
(first YW collection day based on regular service day)
Mon service day – April 2

Tues service day – April 3

Wed service day – April 4

Thurs service day – April 5

Fri service day – April 6

Saginaw Twp Mon, April 2 – south of Weiss
Tues, April 3 – north of Weiss
Spaulding Twp Wed, April 4
St. Charles – Village Fri, April 6
Thomas Twp Fri, April 6
Tittabawassee Twp Wed, April 4
Zilwaukee – City Tues, April 3
Yard waste will not be collected until these dates.

All yard waste materials must be placed in paper yard waste bags or in 35 gallon or smaller garbage cans that have a “Yard Waste Only”” sticker affixed to the front of the can.  In the City of Frankenmuth, yard waste may be placed in paper yard waste bags or in 20 gallon or smaller garbage cans labeled with a yard waste sticker.

Twigs must not protrude more than 12“ above the container.  Individual cans and bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds each.

Brush, which includes branches greater than 2” in diameter but less than 6”, is managed separately from yard waste. State law allows brush in the landfill, so it is treated as trash under the MMWA program.  One 3’ x 4’ bundle of brush secured with twine may be set out next to regular trash at any time of year.

Some MMWA member communities offer limited-time brush drop-off sites or curbside collection.  Residents should contact their community’s municipal office directly to find out if this service is available.

Yard waste stickers are available at municipal offices in participating communities or free through MMWA.  To order yard waste stickers or for more information on yard waste guidelines, contact MMWA at (989) 781-9555.



Weekly yard waste services begin April 4 in City of Frankenmuth

Starting April 4, City of Frankenmuth residents will begin receiving weekly yard waste services as part of their curbside solid waste collection program provided through Mid Michigan Waste Authority.

Residents will no longer need to purchase special tags for their yard waste containers through the City or local hardware stores.

City Manager Bridget Smith said the new weekly curbside collection program will make it easier for residents to dispose of their yard waste materials.

“We know people are busy and cannot always plan in advance for yard cleanup projects, so now they will be able to put out their yard waste cans or bags out on their regular Wednesday collection day without the extra step of buying stickers,” she said.

All yard waste materials must be placed in paper yard waste bags or in 20 gallon or smaller garbage cans with handles that have a “Yard Waste” sticker affixed to the front of the can.  Twigs must not protrude more than 12“ above the container.  Individual cans and bags cannot weigh more than 50 pounds each. Cans can be purchased locally. Yard waste stickers are available at City Hall or by contacting MMWA.

Brush, which includes branches greater than 2” in diameter but less than 6”, is managed separately from yard waste. State law allows brush in the landfill, so it is treated as trash under the MMWA program.  One 3’ x 4’ bundle of brush secured with twine may be set out next to regular trash at any time of year.

The City will continue to pick up large amounts of brush the first of each month from April through November. Leaf pick up will continue in the fall. For more information, contact the Frankenmuth City office at (989) 652-9901.

Yard waste stickers are available at the Frankenmuth City office, 240 W Genesee St., or free through MMWA.  To order yard waste stickers or for more information on yard waste guidelines, contact MMWA at (989) 781-9555.



Inclement weather update for Thursday, March 8, 2018

Some trash and recycling drivers are encountering slippery conditions and roads that are drifted over and crowned. This means trucks are moving more slowly, and may not be able to access your materials if your road is not safe to travel. If your trash or recycling cannot be collected due to weather conditions, please remove materials from the curb and put them out on your next regular service day. Thank you for your patience and understanding, as driver and public safety is always our priority.