It is always Mid Michigan Waste Authority’s goal to make our household special waste collection events as safe, easy, and efficient as possible for the residents who take time out of their busy schedules to drop off paint, hazardous materials, or electronics.

On our busiest days, we remove thousands of pounds of problem wastes from hundreds of cars, trucks, and vans, so for safety reasons, participants must remain in their vehicles at all times. We know most people have the best of intentions when they get out to open the hatch or help remove paint cans from the trunk, but it is imperative that only trained staff are outside of vehicles at the collection site.

The crew members unloading vehicles are experienced and well-trained, and you can be fully confident that they will treat your vehicle and its contents with care. Please sit back and enjoy knowing you are being a good environmental steward, while our careful and conscientious team members handle the heavy lifting.

We take our commitment to safety very seriously, and we appreciate your partnership in making our household special waste program as safe and successful as possible.