Tis the season for fireworks, smoke bombs, and sparklers! While it is critical to take safety precautions during your Fourth of July festivities, it is important to remember that fireworks safety does not stop there. Fireworks contain dangerous chemicals that can be a potential source of fire, and improper disposal can put waste collection workers at risk.

Please follow these tips for safe fireworks disposal:

  • Whether they are used or unused, do not place any fireworks or any part of fireworks in your recycling container. All fireworks should be treated as trash.
  • Put used fireworks in a bucket of water overnight. Remember that fireworks can still be burning on the inside long after the sparks have stopped. Remove them from the water and put them in a garbage bag and into your garbage can.
  • Completely submerge unused fireworks in a large bucket of water and soak until thoroughly saturated. This may take 15 minutes for small fireworks or as long as overnight for larger ones. Double wrap the completely soaked fireworks in plastic wrap or two plastic bags so they do not dry out. Place the double-bagged fireworks in a larger trash bag and put them out with your household trash.

Thank you for continuing your fireworks safety at the curb!