MMWA would like to remind our residents that safety is always MMWA’s, WM’s and Priority’s top concern.

Currently, both WM and Priority are attempting service in all Friday communities. Given today’s weather conditions including accumulating snow, iciness, and blowing winds, service may be impacted in some areas.

If Priority and WM trucks encounter areas that are not safe to travel, they will be unable to collect your materials until your next service day.

A few reminders:

  1. In extremely inclement weather, consider holding your trash or recyclables until the next week if you can.
  2. Do not place carts, bags, bins, or cans in icy areas or on top of or behind snow mounds.
  3. Avoid using white bags in snowy weather. If your driver can’t see your trash, he can’t collect it.

For inclement weather updates and cancellations visit MMWA’s website at and Facebook.