Notice of Resolution

Pursuant to Section 8 of

Public Act 233 of 1955

(mcl 124.281 et.seq.)

The governing body of the following municipalities, as constituent municipalities of the Mid Michigan Waste Authority (MMWA), have authorized and approved the execution of Solid Waste Services Contracts between MMWA and Priority Waste, MMWA and Waste Management of Michigan, Inc., and MMWA and TDE Enterprises. The contracts provide for trash collection and disposal, recycling collection and processing and yard waste collection and composting to the constituent municipalities. The source of payment for the contractual obligations is the general fund of each constituent municipality and/or special assessments. The contracts are effective January 1, 2023. MCL 124. 288(2) allows for a referendum process for 45 days following the date of this publication. All contacts may be reviewed at or at the MMWA offices at 2063 S Miller Rd Saginaw MI 48609.

Member Municipality                    

Albee Township
Bethany Township
Birch Run – Village
Birch Run Township
Blumfield Township
Brady Township
Brant Township
Breckenridge – Village
Bridgeport Township
Buena Vista Township
Carrollton Township
Chapin Township
Chesaning Township
Frankenmuth – City
Frankenmuth Township
Fremont Township
James Township
Jonesfield Township
Kochville Township
Lakefield Township
Maple Grove Township
Marion Township
Merrill – Village
Richland Township
Saginaw – City
Saginaw Township
St. Charles – Village
St. Charles Township
Spaulding Township
Swan Creek Township
Thomas Township
Tittabawassee Township
Wheeler Township
Zilwaukee City

Solid Waste Services Contract between MMWA and Priority Waste

Solid Waste Services Contract between MMWA and Waste Management of Michigan, Inc.

Solid Waste Services Contract between MMWA and TDE Enterprises


Request for Proposals (RFP) Residential Solid Waste Services

Proposal Due Date: Monday, February 7, 2022, by 12:00 pm (EST)

Revised Proposal Due Date: Monday, February 7, 2022, by 2:00 pm at the Thomas Twp Public Safety Building located at 8215 Shields Dr Saginaw MI 48609


Request for Proposals (RFP Residential Curbside Solid Waste Services)

01.21.22 MMWA RFP Addendum #01

01.31.22 MMWA RFP Addendum #02

02.02.22 MMWA RFP Addendum #03

MMWA Zone Day Map

02.04.22 MMWA RFP Addendum #04